A Hells Angel funeral under high surveillance in Liège

A Hells Angel funeral under high surveillance in Liège

More than a thousand people, including around 250 members of the Hells Angel biker gang, paid tribute to one of their number, Jean-François Nyssen, on Saturday morning. He died on December the 26th during a fatal brawl in Haccourt (Oupeye, in the Liège Province).

The deceased’s body was taken from his family home in Tihange (Huy) early in the morning, and escorted by around 250 people to Herstal, where he was cremated later that morning. The police monitored the cortege closely, as they were worried there would be incidents. A special police operation was put in place, including a federal police helicopter.

Some sources said that nearly a thousand people attended the funeral. No incidents were reported by the authorities, apart from a biker in the convoy falling over, a judicial source revealed.

Jean-François Nyssen died after a fight between rival gangs last Saturday, in Haccourt. The father of four had his throat cut. Nine people were placed under arrest by the Liège investigating judge in charge of the case.

(Source: Belga)

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