Planned attack in Brussels: farewell letter written by suspect

Planned attack in Brussels: farewell letter written by suspect

The two members of motorcycling club Kamikaze Riders arrested early last week were indeed planning an attack on Brussels’ Grand-Place and at the nearby central police station on New Year’s Eve.
A farewell letter supporting the theory was found at the home of one of the suspects, Mohamed Karay, according to Flemish television broadcaster VTM. A police source confirms the information but the Federal Prosecutor has so far made no comment.

Karay (27) and Saïd Saouti (30) were arrested at their home in Anderlecht on the morning of Sunday, December 27th. The two men are members of motorcycling club Kamikaze Riders. Several members of the club have links with Islamist cell Sharia4Belgium. According to the federal prosecutor’s office, there were very suspicious signs pointing to planned terror attacks at various iconic Brussels locations during the end of year celebrations.

Army uniforms were found during the raid at the home of the suspects. The two men have now officially been charged, accused of terror threats among other charges.   

Their attorneys revealed on last Thursday that they are denying any involvement in the preparation of a terror attack. A letter discovered at the home of Mohamed Karay, in which he allegedly claims responsibility for the planned attack, points to the contrary, says VTM. According to the broadcaster, the suspect was planning to shoot soldiers on the Grand-Place, then head towards the central police station on Rue Marché au Charbon to kill as many policemen as possible.

(Source: Belga)

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