Serendip brings new wellness opportunities to Brussels

Serendip brings new wellness opportunities to Brussels

At a press conference in Brussels last week, Serendip unvealed their new developments for spa and wellness treatments in Brussels. Since the new ownership in October 2012, Serendip, which is located on Place Stéphanie, just off Avenue Louise, has had the opportunity to build on its luxury offerings to add even more spa treatments, expand its international team and add a yoga studio in the building next door.

In addition, the Serendip team recently achieved the special recognition as Best Luxury Boutique Spa in Europe and received a World Luxury Spa award for their approach to customer service. Helena Mahuas Hradilova, Serendip co-owner, explained the next step for Serendip, “Our expansion continues and aligns with both the individual needs of our customers and the trends we see emerging in the wellness industry,”

To keep ahead of the latest trends in wellness centres, both business owners of Serendip participate as global Judges for another prestigious accolade, the World Wellness Award and have the opportunity to meet and learn from role models in this industry. “Over the past few years, it is absolutely evident that the trend of traditional spas is to provide more inclusive wellness experiences going beyond only treatments to provide yoga, workshops & learning about health, just as we do at Serendip,” said Serendip co-owner & entrepreneur, Melissa Rancourt.

“We enjoy exploring what wellbeing means to each of us and then developing and realising new ideas that helps us all manage stress, to meet others with like-minded interests and to enjoy the world around us. From specialised treatments, yoga courses, healthy-learning workshops, community events to meditation – all has been designed to look at wellbeing from all perspectives.”, the two concluded.

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