Drug prescriptions less expensive: patient savings of €13 million

Drug prescriptions less expensive: patient savings of €13 million

Patient savings of some 13 milion euros have been made as a result of the campaign to “prescribe less expensive medicines”, stated the Minister for Public Health, Maggie De Block. Health authorities have made savings of around 29.8 million euros. This campaign falls within the framework of the Pacte d'Avenir (the so-called Future Deal) concluded with the pharmaceutical industry, for the benefit of patients.

In all, the various measures which it includes have lowered patient costs by 23 million euros and the bill for health authorities by 89.4 million euros.

“This proves that reform through using innovative ideas and collaborating with businesses can give rise to a situation where everybody wins, both patients and health authorities,” said the very pleased Minister for Public Health, on being interviewed on Tuesday upon the Pacte d'Avenir at the Public Health Committee of the Chamber of Representatives.

Signed last July, the latter anticipates providing the patient with faster access to innovative therapies, whilst reducing the cost of drugs, ensuring Belgium remains the market leader for developing new medicines.

(Source: Belga)

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