Nearly 50,000 tax payers late filing returns must pay a fine

Nearly 50,000 tax payers late filing returns must pay a fine
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Last September, the FPS Finances sent 172,409 reminder letters to tax payers. The reason: they had not submitted their 2015 tax return (accounting for 2014 income). Last month 48,605 taxpayers received a warning telling them that they should pay the penalty, the Finance Minister Johan Van Overtveldt (of the New Flemish Alliance centre-right party) confirmed to the Chamber of Representatives, in responding to a question from Gautier Calomne (of the Reformist Movement liberal-conservative party).

Having received a reminder letter these taxpayers had to sort out their situation within two weeks, thus avoiding fines of between 50 to 1,250 euros.

On November 13th last year, 89,885 tax payers who had received this type of letter had still not filed their tax return (52%). The FPS Finances sent another letter to 48,605 individuals, telling them that they had to pay a fine.

During January, other letters should still be being sent. For some years, the sending of these reminder letters has been organised through an automatic centralised system. In 2014, this cost a total of 685,000 euros.

( (Source: Belga)

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