MR wishes to speed up administrative simplification in Brussels

MR wishes to speed up administrative simplification in Brussels

The liberal Mouvement Reformateur has adopted administrative simplification as the “central tenet” of its work for the coming year. So announced the the group's leader Vincent De Wolf, at a New Year dinner organised by Liberal M.P.s, in the Brussels-Capital region.
To assist them in their endeavours, the elected representatives of the MR always use the label “”simpli.bxl" accompanied by an illuminated light bulb in their communications.

Mr De Wolf says it is time to ensure that the regional administration is user-friendly for Brussels inhabitants and businesses, which is far from being the case. Currently the administrative tasks to undertake are too burdensome to bear, as much in terms of time as money, particularly for the fabric of the SMEs and very small businesses, which largely dominate the Brussels economy. It is a matter of changing procedures and rules.

The Brussels government gave the green light, in January 2015, to the creation of an agency intended to stimulate administrative simplification. The latter was responsible for working out a new plan which should been introduced before last summer.

One of the flagship projects concerned the development of electronic invoicing. “However, we're still waiting,” lamented Mr De Wolf stating that the MR M.P.s would forward proposals, with a view to encouraging the majority to act.

Moreover, the MR desires that the majority take a less dispersed stance upon questions of state neutrality, the integration process and the fight against radicalism. According to Mr De Wolf, it has been stated that the promised draft law on the integration will not be considered before the end of the year, whilst hordes of asylums seekers have not eased during the last few months.

(Source: Belga)

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