Fonds du Logement henceforth accessible to broader public and wishes to publicise this

Fonds du Logement henceforth accessible to broader public and wishes to publicise this

The Brussels Fonds du Logement (which offers social housing funding) is henceforth accessible to larger numbers of the public. It intends to make this known in a multi-media campaign which has just been launched. Two-person households, with total monthly incomes of 1,500 euros will henceforth receive support, where previously they were precluded. Rates of interest vary from 1.7% to a maximum 3%, the lowest rates being particularly influenced by age (whether or not yet aged 40) and the number of dependants. Henceforth, the Fonds will grant green loans for energy saving investments at a rate which fluctuates between 0 and 2% for all individuals within the income limits fixed by the Fonds.

To these main measures which were outlined on Wednesday by the managers of the Fonds du Logement and Brussels Minister for Housing Céline Fremault (of the Christian Democratic party) is added another new measure; the variation of credits according to how the recipient's household evolves. Such variation is anticipated to be on a five-yearly basis but it does not apply where credit of less than 75,000 euros is given.

This new provision was preceded last February by the possibility of borrowing an amount equal to 120% of the total purchase value (which covers legal costs) and the institution of monthly repayment by instalments, the Housing Minister states.

Those responsible for the Fonds have a budget allowing them to grant loans to 1,400 households. Last year, 400 fewer households were benefiting from it. However, the access criteria were stricter and limited to two scales, according to age (that is under or over 35 years).

From now on, the income thresholds are fixed according to three main categories: single person household (a maximum of 45,895 euros), sole income household (between 56,094 euros to 76,490 euros, varying according to the number of dependants) and double income households (between 71,393 euros and 91,789 euros).

(Source: Belga)

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