EU supermarket pizza prices up 16% last year

EU supermarket pizza prices up 16% last year
Frozen pizza. Credit: Maïthé Chini/ The Brussels Times

Ahead of National Pizza Day on 9 February, Eurostat, the statistics agency of the European Union, has published statistics on the price dynamics of store-bought pizzas and quiches. Unfortunately for lovers of arguably Italy’s greatest culinary export, prices have increased significantly.

Data for December 2022 shows that the price of store-bought pizzas and quiches in the EU was, on average, 16% higher than the same period in 2021. The price increase has accelerated since 2021. In December 2021, the price was, on average, only 2% higher than in 2020.

Credit: Danica Van der Merwe/The Brussels Times

Hungry Hungarian pizza lovers are the worst affected by the price hikes. In the space of a year, the price of a store-bought pizza or quiche increased by 46% in the Central European nation. In Belgium, the price of a pizza rose by 23.2%.

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