French drug baron arrested on Monday in Ghent

French drug baron arrested on Monday in Ghent

The Mons Public Prosecutor, Christian Henry, indicated on Friday that, with the agreement of the investigating judge in charge of the case, a French drug baron was arrested on Monday in Ghent. The individual is possibly one of the Godfathers of drug trafficking in Western Europe.

The main operator of the international drug trafficking ring was arrested for questioning on Monday evening, whilst in a vehicle, the Mons Public Prosecutor stated on Friday.

The operation was led successfully owing to efficient exchange of information between French and Belgian judicial and police authorities, as well as the “drugs” section of the judicial police in Mons-Tournai, relying heavily upon the special units of the federal police.

This drug baron, the linchpin of an international drug trafficking ring, is a French national, aged 40, originally from the Paris region.

The man involved, appeared before investigating judge Demol in Tournai, who executed the European arrest warrant issued to him by the French authorities.

(Source: Belga)

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