Royal Belgian Football Club Union target of legal investigation

Royal Belgian Football Club Union target of legal investigation

A judicial enquiry has started so as to analyse whether fraud has occurred in the payment of salaries and use of grants at the Union Royal Belge des sociétés de Football (Royal Belgian Union of Football Clubs), write Het Laatste Nieuws and De Morgen on Wednesday. Since an audit brought to light financial abuse, the Union has been within the sights of the law.  A search had already taken place and the investigators also visited two members of the organisation who ought to have provided a response to some dubious decisions. At this stage, nobody has been charged.

The courts suspect that tax arrangements have been illegally implemented. The audit produced showed that several members on the technical staff of the Red Devils were paid double their usual salary. By doing so, the Union may thus have played dodgeball with the tax authorities, these media sources add. Foreign companies may have also been involved in the process.

The use of grants has also been targeted, particularly those received which were used to fund the Euro 2020 bid.

The Union maintains that the investigators will find “nothing illegal.” It claims, “The law is on our side and we are absolutely cooperating with this investigation.”

(Source: Belga)

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