Taxi drivers at Zaventem still without work

Taxi drivers at Zaventem still without work

The airport has resumed partially its operations but not everyone is back to work. This said Rudy Claude on Wednesday (6 April). He is director of Autolux, the biggest taxi company serving the airport. “At most 40 % of our cars will be in service,” he added.

The closure of the airport affected heavily the taxi companies based there. “In total we have 289 drivers unemployed,” he said. Since the terror attack on 22 March, “the activity has been very low. “All of our drivers were without work besides about 15 who stayed on duty at the airport in the morning and afternoon.”

The partial recovery of the airport meant also a partial resumption of Autolux activities. "But for now, the airport welcomes 800 passengers per hour instead of 5,000, which is not enough for us to fully resume work."

"The drivers are still without work and rotate so that everyone can work a little."

"We are very worried about the future. We are concerned that it will take long time until the taxi companies will return to full schedule. For the moment, nonone knows what is going to happen," concludes Rudy Claude.

The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)

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