Operation of trains heading for Brussels Airport partly restored

Operation of trains heading for Brussels Airport partly restored

The train IC 08 (Antwerp-Malines-Aéroport-Leuven-Aarschot-Hasselt) will run again from Saturday through Brussels National Airport but without stopping there. However the trains IC 35 (Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport-La Hague-Roosendaal-Antwerp-Malines-Brussels Airport) and IC 29 (La Panne-Lichtervelde-Ghent-Alost-Brussels-Airport-Leuven-Landen) will bypass it, the SNCB (the Belgian rail provider) indicated on Friday in a communiqué.

From Monday, the trains IC 17 (Dinant-Namur-Ottignies-Etterbeek-Brussels-Bordet-Airport) and 27 (Charleroi-Nivelles-Braine-l'Alleud-Etterbeek-Brussels-Bordet-Airport) which, until now, had diverted to Schaerbeek, will henceforth go as far as Bordet, states the SNCB.

Since the March 22nd attacks, the station Brussels Airport Zaventem has not been served by trains, and the situation will remain unchanged, stresses the railway company. This is because an appropriate solution in response, as much to security constraints as to rail operation, has not yet been found.

The SNCB also mentions that the terminus for all trains whose final stop was the airport have been terminating one stop before the airport since March 22nd. The train IC 06 which normally connects Braine-le-Comte to the airport is thus will thus terminate at Brussels-North (whilst the train IC 06 Tournai-Aéroport will only go as far as Zaventem Village. The train IC 23 which normally goes from Ostend-Airport is will go as far as Brussels-North, as will trains on the same route (IC 23) which normally travel from Bruges-Airport.

(Source: Belga)

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