Tihange: union action - new consultation initiatives energised on Wednesday

Tihange: union action - new consultation initiatives energised on Wednesday

The management of the nuclear site at Tihange (owned by Electrabel GDF Suez) is sorry that agreement did not reach with the trade unions on Tuesday “despite agreement upon a number of points, in particular upon both staff training and maintenance services.” The business so stated in a communiqué. A new strike picket was set up at the entrance to the power station on Wednesday. “New consultation initiatives will be fuelled today,” the management confirms.

The latter are amazed at the setting up of a surprise picket line on Tuesday April 12th until 4.30 p.m. and set up again on Wednesday April 13th (today). “There was no advance warning of this course of action,” the communiqué states.

On Tuesday evening, the socialist trade unions within Gazelco (FGTB - Fédération Générale du Travail de Belgique: General Federation of Belgian Workers) and the CNE (Centrale Nationale des Employés - the national employees trade union with Christian affiliations) left the meeting with the management of the power station.

The spokesman for the business, Serge Dauby, stated that the parties were close to an agreement upon maintenance service provision and the implementation of tests for personnel in respect of post-training skills acquired. This is thus keeping the workers representatives on side given that a letter was sent to them “inviting them to respect the consultation process.”

The management of the Tihange site confirmed to the unions that it wished to pursue cordial labour relations so as to thrash out the terms of the complete agreement, the communiqué further states.

Owing to the current ongoing actions, maintenance operations will be postponed, Serge Dauby revealed. There is, however, no impact upon either electricity production or indeed site safety, he affirms.

(Source: Belga)

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