Belgian bond sale surpasses decade-long record

Belgian bond sale surpasses decade-long record
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Belgian Treasury has raised more than €50 million from the sale of government bonds in just the past two days, Belga News Agency reports.

Since their date of issue on Saturday, €42.1 million in 3-year bonds with an annual interest rate of 2.7% have been sold, in addition to €10.7 million in 10-year bonds with an annual return of 3%: meaning that a total of €52.8 million has been raised by the Belgian State.

The recent sale has already brought in more money than the previous bond issue held at the end of last year, which raised €48.6 million: at the time, the largest bond sale in 10 years.

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Investors have likely been enticed by increasing rates of return: the last time the interest rate on ten-year bonds surpassed 3% was in 2012.

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