Brussels-Midi police zone investigates an Islamophobic petition

Brussels-Midi police zone investigates an Islamophobic petition
Anti-Islamist sentiment provoked.

The local police zone in Bruxelles-Midi (Anderlecht/St-Gilles/Forest) has opened an investigation into an Islamophobic petition which is doing the rounds in Anderlecht. This is indicated today by the online publications BRUZZ and the newspaper La Capitale.

The information was confirmed, on Wednesday, by the Brussels-Midi police. “Our policeman are investigating the origin of the petition and the places where it is being circulated,” Marie Verbeke, the police spokeswoman, confirms.

La Capitale was the first to distribute a photograph of this petition, which is being disseminated on social networks. The killing of the priest at Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray in France on Tuesday, originally resulted in the launch of the petition.

“It is necessary for Belgians both living in Anderlecht and everywhere else in Belgium, to remain watchful and observe what we can of that which is, by necessity, Islamophobic," the petition states. The text goes on, "If you consider that we should convince Muslims to return to their countries of origin, please sign this petition below.”

“Our radicalism cell has opened an investigation. We are looking for those responsible and to ascertain the places in which it was distributed,” Marie Verbeke further explained.

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