Throughout July, amounts of rainfall unpredictable varying with location

Throughout July, amounts of rainfall unpredictable varying with location
Unpredictability reigns in July.

In July, the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) measured normal levels of rainfall in Uccle, the reference location for such records. However, the majority of the country had less rain than an average July.
In contrast, the east of Flemish Brabant and the Ardennes had more of a soaking than normal.

This emerges from the climatological assessment for July, published by the RMI.

Conversely to the June figures, the number of days of thunderstorms were abnormally low in July for the time of year. The RMI counted eight such days, whereas the seasonal norm is 13.3.

However, these storms generated particlarly fierce showers in some places. On July 23rd, 80 millimetres of rain fell in Ransberg (at Kortenaken, in Flemish Brabant). Rain quantities deviated by around 140% from the norm in the east of the Flemish Brabant region and in the region situated between Rochefort and Bièvre (all norms correspond to a percentage of 100%).

In the majority of the country, however, it rained less than normal, with quantities which deviated by around 60%, compared to seasonal norms. In Uccle, the RMI measured 55.1 millimetres of rain, which was spread over ten days, with only two expected values.

During the month, the temperatures (an average of 18.3°C in Uccle), the hours of sunshine (179 hours and 44 minutes in Uccle) and the winds all matched seasonal norms.

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