Police had to use fire 27 times over past year – trend on the increase

Police had to use fire 27 times over past year – trend on the increase
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In recent years, the number of shots by Belgian police directed at threatening individuals has increased. This is per a report by the federal police during “security incidents,” which was quoted today (Monday) in La Dernière Heure.

In 2010, the police fired 14 shots at threatening individuals, compared to 27 over the past year.

The report dated last month (July 2016) indicates, “It is quite astonishing to note, in 2015, the increase in the number of shots fired on threatening individuals (from data communicated). In 60% of cases, a non-lethal weapon was used to bring the suspect under control.”

The reported incidents involving fire in 2015 “are the result of cases of armed rebellion. Such cases, most often, may take one of many forms.”

The report states, “These include armed individuals, sometimes instigating hostage situations, shut away in a building surrounded by police.”

The report says, “Such situations also include armed robbery, car-jacking and attempted suicide of a third party.”

In the 27 situations where the police had to use fire, only one of the anticipated suspects died and four third parties suffered injury.

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