Search for the child that fell in the Sambre started again on Sunday morning

The search for the body of the 8 year old child (8 and not 2 as announced on Saturday) who fell into the Sambre started again at 7am on Sunday morning. He fell off a yacht near Lobbes. The search had ended a little before Midnight on Saturday.

Two lifeguard teams from Zeebrugge were at the scene to scan the bottom of the Sambre with sonar to mark out the water. Divers from Crisnée civil protection were also involved. There were several dives from Sunday morning onwards, but nothing was been found.

The gates were closed and river traffic stopped to make the search easier.

According to the latest information, the child was playing with a ball on a small yacht, and the ball fell into the sea. The child may have been trying to get the ball back, and fell into the water. The parents didn’t realise their child was missing straight away. This meant they couldn’t tell police exactly where he fell in.

(Source: Belga)

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