Scorching August temperatures favour reproduction

Scorching August temperatures favour reproduction
Insect reproduction skyrockets in August.

Higher temperatures at the end of August favoured the birth of an additional generation of insects. The association for nature protection, Natuurpunt, indicated this yesterday (Thursday). On the other hand, mushrooms, it seems, are laying in wait.

In the heat, larvae and chrysalises are developing more quickly. “During hot summers, some insects may thus give birth to several generations in one year,” Wim Veraghtert, of Natuurpunt comments.

He goes on, “At present, we see many so-called ‘geographical map’ [foreign] butterflies. Some of these are third generation this year. We are also forecasting an additional generation of moths before the summer is out.”

Favorable meteorological conditions have also allowed some insects to extend their geographical habitats. This is, in particular, the case with the Boxwood and the Mottled Shell butterflies, two species of exotic butterflies. It is exactly the same for the Crimson moth, which has now been seen in Belgium for the third time this year.

The heat has however delayed the appearance of mushrooms linked to humidity rates.

Wim Veraghtert adds, “During the last ten years, August has often been the most favourable time for mushrooms to appear. However, to grow, mushrooms need humidity.”

However, it must be said that the current situation is not exceptional.

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