Belgian inflation continues highest upward trend in eurozone

Belgian inflation continues highest upward trend in eurozone
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As in July, the annual rate of inflation in Belgium (2%) remained the highest within the eurozone in August. This emerges from figures released today (Thursday) by Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Union.

Within the eurozone, the annual inflation rate averaged 0.2% in August, which is stable compared to July, and increased compared to August 2015 (which was 0.1%).

The EU annual inflation rate reached 0.3% over the past month, compared to 0.2% in July and 0% in August 2015.

In August, the lowest annual rates were seen in Croatia (with a decrease of 1.5%), in Bulgaria (a drop of 1.1%) and in Slovakia (a decrease of 0.8%).

On the other hand, the highest notable annual inflation rates were recorded in Belgium (2%), in Sweden (1.2%) as well as in Estonia (1.1%).

Lastly, considering individual sectors within Belgium, the restaurant and café sector (with an increase of 0.10 of a percentage point), as well as the fruit and vegetable sectors (each increasing by 0.07 percentage points) significantly contributed to pushing up prices.

During the same period, transport fuels (with a decrease of 0.35%), liquid fuels as well as gas (each decreasing by 0.12 percentage points) had the impact of the most appreciable inflationary decrease.

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