Target to reach 100% green energy by 2050

Target to reach 100% green energy by 2050
Credit: Belga

The production of entirely renewal energy by 2050 in Belgium is not simply a Utopia. The editorial staff at VRT-nieuws are indicating today (Monday) on the basis of a study by the Dutch office CE Delft, an environmental consultancy.

In due course, half of all electricity needed in Belgium may well be produced by citizens themselves.

The investigation states that Belgian citizens may produce 47% of energy themselves (thanks to private solar panels and wind turbines) or indeed collectively (through, for example, cooperatives).

Daan Creupelandt, from the European Federation of Renewable Energy Cooperatives (or REScoop), says that some 100,000 Belgians are already involved in a cooperative.

The editorial team at VRT-nieuws states, “The study demonstrates the importance of potential, and that two-thirds of Belgians may be able to churn out their own energy by 2050.”

Energized, the team went on, “However, the government should first remove certain administrative barriers so that we may invest in appropriate infrastructure technology. Then we should shut down all nuclear power stations.”

The study was ordered by several environmental organisations, including Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth Europe.

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