Attack in Schaerbeek – Diop brothers appear before court in chambers

Attack in Schaerbeek – Diop brothers appear before court in chambers
Another Schaerbeek attack is currently being investigated by police.© Belga

Brothers Hicham (43) and Aboubaker Diop (46) are appearing this afternoon (Monday) before the Brussels court in chambers. The Belga press agency has learned this.

Hicham Diop had a warrant issued for his arrest on Wednesday, having injured three policemen in Schaerbeek.

His older brother, Aboubaker, had a warrant issued for his arrest on Friday.

Both brothers were suspected of participation in terrorist group activities.

Hicham Diop, formerly in the military, attacked two policemen in Schaerbeek using a knife.

One was injured in the neck and the other in the abdominal region. They are not seriously hurt and fighting for their lives.

After inflicting these injuries, Hicham Diop was then brought under control by a police patrol who shot him in the leg.

He also injured the police officer who brought him down by breaking his nose.

Hicham Diop made no demands at the time of the attack but held ideas linked to terrorism, as was proven during the interrogation by the federal police (PJF).

Moreover, he was known by the security services for his contacts with Muslim extremists.

The man was charged with attempted murder in a terrorist context and for participating in terrorist group activities.

His brother Aboubaker Diop was also apprehended on Wednesday but no warrant was issued for his actual arrest until Friday.

The television channel RTL TVi, mentioned that an exercise book containing the names of both police and judges was found at his home.

The lawyer for Hicham Diop, says that the attack on the police is not actually a terrorist act but is linked to events going back to 2011. At that time, he had been knocked down by a federal police vehicle.

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