Arrest in Brussels of three men implicated in fatal Amsterdam fight

Three men originally from Romania were arrested in Brussels on Saturday owing to their presumed incolvement in a fight at the beginning of September. This is thought to have taken place in the Amsterdam red light district.

In the course of this a man, aged 32, was killed.

This was announced during a broadcast on Dutch television appealing for witnesses on Tuesday, known as Opsporing Verzocht. This broadcast is akin to the BBC's Crimewatch in the UK.

The three men arrested were respectively aged 20, 22 and 27.

Evidence available to Dutch investigators indicated that the deceased man may have, together with his friends, come into conflict with three individuals, who were described by the police as being “Eastern European, in all likelihood Romanians.”

Opsporing Verzocht had previously focused upon this case and had disseminated images images of the fight, which had a fatal outcome for one of the protagonists involved.

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