Red Devils – Hazard brothers thrilled to have chance to play together

Red Devils – Hazard brothers thrilled to have chance to play together
Hazard brothers shoot for the moon, playing in the Red Devil's friendly with the Netherlands.© Belga

Eden Hazard was satisfied with the draw (1-1) obtained by Belgium in the Netherlands, during a friendly yesterday (Wednesday). The captain of the Red Devils team, when interviewed by RTBF, said “We played thirty very good minutes, then at the end of the first half things didn’t go quite so well. In the second half, we tried to be far more structured.”

Hazard added, “Apart from one single opportunity which came their way, the Dutch had very few other chances. With persistent efforts, we had opportunities and thereby accomplished results from them.”

At the beginning of the match, Belgium carried out an unprecedented attack manoeuvre with Mertens, Carrasco and Hazard.

The number 10 for the Red Devils confided, “We were not bad for all of thirty minutes, we tried to move around, to execute manoeuvres. When Lukaku rose to the occasion, we tried to pick up speed, to use him as a pivot. We played an excellent match against a superb team.”

For the first time, both Hazard brothers played strategically at the same time, after Thorgan upped his game.

Eden joked, “I had cramp. He ran for me. It’s in the younger brother’s job description.”

Thorgan confirmed with a smile, “I saw that he was a bit shattered and he had already given his all. I was on the pitch and I was fresh, ready to support the team.”

He went on, “I have waited a long time to play with the Devils. It is a pleasure to join the team. The coach told me to give it my all. I tried throughout to respect what he was asking of me.”

Thorgan continued, “We had three great opportunities at the end. By then it was a matter of not losing and we had the possibility of winning.”

Thorgan Hazard hopes to stay in the team but knows that there is stiff competition for his position.

He concluded, “There are some great players and many offensive solutions. Some players have already shown their great skill. As for me, I simply try to perform well so as to be in the team and remain content that I have been able to play in this match.”

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