Brussels Region Development Corporation: serious problems highlighted

The Court of Audit has written a devastating report on the Brussels Region Development Corporation (the ex-SDRB,, highlighting “diverse anomalies and irregularities.” This is, in particular, as regards recruitment and the granting of various allowances.

The court observes that the SDRB has no recruitment reserve.

It simply takes on, mainly contractors, as and when its needs require. The proportion of contractors is now at 35% of staff total.

Such positions are sometimes only filled on the basis of “recent applications”, without the dissemination of vacancy advertisements. This departs from “equal treatment between potential candidates.”

Moreover, one particular candidate was recruited to a specialised role “without possessing the necessary qualifications” and taken on at level B. The candidate was promoted to level A through “a simple contractual amendment after obtaining a university degree, following the modification of their job description.”

Moreover, the SDRB allocates numerous allowances to its staff.

A so-called managerial allowance, granted to all staff carrying out a management function in 2015, was allocated to no less than 28 staff, which amounts to “one staff member receiving the average equivalent pay of 3.5 such members of staff.”

The Court notes that several management teams made up of a single department are directed both by a manager and by a head of department. It says, “There is even one management team with a head of department having a single employee working under him, for a third of the working week.”

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