Restaurants, cafes and telecommunications way too expensive in Belgium

In Belgium, restaurants, cafes and the telecommunications operators, Proximus and Telenet, are too expensive, when compared to neighbouring countries. This is explained by inflation being significantly higher than in France, the Netherlands and Germany.

These findings are reported today (Wednesday) in L’Echo and De Tijd on the basis of a Price Observatory investigation, requested by the Minister for the Ecconomy, Kris Peeters.

Between 2008 and 2016, prices increased by an average of 1.5% in Belgium, compared to 1.1% in neighbouring countries.

The difference is mainly attributable to cafes and restaurants, the prices of which have rocketed by 9%. This is owing in particular to Smart Checkouts and duty on alcohol and alcoholic drinks.

However, telecommunication rates are also higher in Belgium than with our neighbours.

There has been an increase of 4% in 2016, whilst decreases have been seen in bordering countries.

Competition is greater in these countries. Flanders, for example, is on the contrary merely in a duopoly, involving Proximus and Telenet.

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