Number of road deaths decreases by 12%

Number of road deaths decreases by 12%
The numbers killed in RTAs are down.

The number of deaths on the roads has decreased by 12%, or 55 victims less, over the first nine months of 2016, compared to the same period of 2015. This emerges from the most recent road safety monitoring survey by IBSR (the Belgian Institute for Road Safety).

The number of physical injuries has also slightly decreased by 0.5%, as well as those slightly hurt by 1.3%.

The number killed at the scene has slightly decreased everywhere; in the Brussels region by -5, in Wallonia by -24 and in Flanders by -26.

However, on a province-by-province basis we find mixed results.

We can see that there is a very clear reduction in the number killed in the Hainaut area (-25), which reaches a record low. The province of Luxembourg also sees a reduction (-9) compared to an increase within the provinces of Namur (+1), Walloon Brabant (+3) and Liège (+6).

Moreover, and this is a significant milestone, nobody died in a car accident in Brussels in the first nine months of the year.

The number of bodily injuries, on the other hand, has gone up for pedestrians (+1.6%), vans (+1.8%) and cyclists (+3.9%). For the latter, figures are mainly up in Brussels (+18.2%) and in Flanders (+3.5%). The number of bodily injuries suffered on the roads has, moreover, slightly decreased.

Finally, there is a reduction in the number of accidents involving young drivers (-4.9%) and the number killed in these accidents has slightly decreased (-18). This is even more the case on weekend nights with a decrease of 6.6% and at least 11 youngsters killed at the scene.

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