Nearly half of Belgian Army recruits leave during training

Nearly half of Belgian Army recruits leave during training
Credit: Canva

Over the last three years, 3,116 military recruits have given up on their training with the army. All in all, this means that 44% of recruits leave the army early, Het Nieuwsblad reports on Monday, quoting figures from the ACMP military union.

“At this rate, the Ministry of Defence will never obtain its expected return on investment in personnel. We have quantified it: The Ministry of Defence loses €50 million each year,” explains Yves Huwart, President of the ACMP.

This turnover rate is unacceptable, the expert surmises. In contrast, between 11-14% of US Army recruits drop out of basic training in the American armed forces.

“Within a company, it would be unacceptable for a board of directors to have such a high percentage of structural departures of new recruits,” Huwart said. “But in the army, at the level of the Chief of Staff or senior managers, no responsibility is being assumed in this regard. Until responsible people within the military are measured against clear objectives, we will, I fear, continue to flail.”

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