Belgian State Security tried to recruit Fouad Belkacem as informant

Belgian State Security tried to recruit Fouad Belkacem as informant
Fouad Belkacem, the former leader of Sharia4Belgium, continues to resist all offers of becoming an informant.

Fouad Belkacem, the former leader of Sharia4Belgium, confirmed in a recent interview, granted to the magazine Humo, that he has been approached by Belgian State Security, with a view to becoming an informant. He is adamant that his refusal to cooperate is the sole cause of the proceedings for the loss of his Belgian nationality, to which he is now subject.

The Islamist preacher explained in an exchange of letters with the editor of the Flemish daily, “Since being transferred to Hasselt prison, I have been visited several times by Belgian State Security. My constant refusal to accept their proposals led to bad news for me. It was then that proceedings for loss of nationality began against me.”

He went on, “They came to me some three or four times and asked me to become an informant. Had I accepted, I would have obtained a so-called ‘relaxed stay’ in prison, a monthly salary and indeed early release. Obviously, I refused. Firstly on principle and then because I sell cars not Muslims. A few weeks after my refusal, the proceedings started.”

Fouad Belkacem fears persecution or indeed assassination in the event of being returned to Morocco, owing to his criticism of the Cherifian monarchy.

He says, “Anybody of sound mind, at the United Nations, at Amnesty International or even other institutions, knows that opponents of the regime are systematically tortured or killed. I obviously fear that my wife will become a widow and my children lose their father at such a young age.”

The former leader of Sharia4Belgium, who was sentenced for recruiting fighters sent to Syria and was incarcerated in the Hasselt prison wing reserved for terrorists, calls the Belgian system racist. He concludes, “The message from the Belgian justice system is very clear: a child, a grandchild, or a great grandchild from abroad remains a foreigner. Once an ape, always an ape, from generation to generation.”

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