In excess of 16 million euros in unpaid fines recovered using new methods

De Standaard are publishing today that The Treasury recovered around 16.5 million euros last year. This was through new methods such as salary deductions and number plate recognition. The Michel government brought in new methods to collect unpaid fines more effectively at the beginning of 2016.

Since February 1st, 2016, the tax authorities have been able to, in particular, distrain the amount due from late payers’ salary.

The police and customs authorities also have access to a number plate registration scanner, enabling them to check if the owner is subject to an unpaid road fine.

Initial statistics from the tax authorities, indicate that the simplified procedure for salary distraint has allowed for 9.2 million euros to be recovered.

In addition, bailiffs have collected 5.7 million euros, whilst the tax authorities have recovered 1.6 million euros with the assistance of registration plates.

The tax authorities also contacted some 5,600 bad payers by telephone inviting them to pay.

The Brussels Times

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