Estinne-au-Mont: suspected baby kidnappers freed by court in chambers

The Charleroi Court sitting in chambers has ordered that the two brothers suspected of having taken a five-month-old baby when attacking their mother using a machete, should be released. The incident allegedly happened last Friday in Estinne-au-Mont (Estinnes). The men’s lawyers argued that the arrest warrant was inadmissible, and alternatively that there was a lack of proof.

Last Friday, a woman staying on the Pincemaille campsite in Estinne-au-Mont was apparently attacked by two men, who hit her with a machete. They then seemingly kidnapped her five-month-old baby. The victim stated that it was her ex-husband, Jordy W. and the latter’s brother.

The suspects were questioned during the weekend and arrested for attempted murder. The second man, known as Tony W, was also alleged to have abducted the minor. At that stage, the baby had not been found.

On Monday evening, the baby had been laid on the doorstep of a house in Wijnegem, in the Antwerp province. He was safe and sound and able to be returned to his mother.

For now, the police are trying to identify the individuals who may have looked after the child before abandoning him out in the cold.

Yesterday, the so-called W. brothers appeared before the Charleroi Court in chambers.

As indicated, the individuals’ lawyers argued that the extension of their arrest warrants were inadmissible, given that the justification used was unfounded. The lawyers also argued that there was an absence of proof and accordingly applied for their release.

After hearing these arguments the Court ordered that both suspects be freed.

No decision has yet been made by the Public Prosecutor’s Office as to whether the order should be appealed. This would ensure that the two brothers continue to be detained until appearing before the Indictment Division.

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