Kazakhgate: Patokh Chodiev State Security informer from 1998

Patokh Chodiev, the Belgian-Kazakh businessman, who was part of the trio at the centre of Kazakhgate was, from 1998, a regular Belgian State Security contact. This emerges from a letter, dated January 2000, from Belgian State Security to the National Magistrate (an agency within the criminal justice system), Le Soir reports today (Monday). The newspaper also indicated that the Chodiev’s relationship with State Security, was probably as an “informer”, and was “maintained” quarterly between June 1998 and May 2000.

At the time, State Security viewed Patokh Chodiev as the Head or Deputy Leader of the “Russian Mafia” in Belgium.

However, Belgian intelligence services considered that the information which he was able to provide justified maintaining direct contact with him. This was the case, in particular, in respect of his relationship with the Israeli Boris Birshtein, at the time suspected of being the coordinator/peacemaker between various “Russian” criminal gangs.

The particular contact status that Chodiev may have had with State Security may possibly explain the leniency shown in relation to him.

Furthermore, it perhaps supports the fact that State Security was not averse to his naturalization as a Belgian citizen.

Le Soir goes on to report that federal and local police forces (at the time coming under the auspices of the Gendarmerie) were, in any case, surprised by the attitude of State Security in 2000.

Chodiev regularly requested “services”, generally related to a work permit for an acquaintance, from his contacts within State Security.

Moreover, State Security was aware, almost from its date of execution, of the signature of the legal instrument granting the right of way to Chodiev’s neighbour Serge Kubla.

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