Brexit - the Ryanair CEO denounces the “most ridiculous decision" ever made

Brexit - the Ryanair CEO denounces the “most ridiculous decision" ever made
Mr O'Leary uses some blue language in putting forward his view on Brexit.

The CEO of the Irish company Ryanair, Michael O'Leary, said on Wednesday that he was convinced that “by the end of two years”, Brexit supporters were going to change their point of view. This is upon “the most ridiculous” decision ever made by the British.

Mr O'Leary commented, speaking outside of the Alliance for Europe summit, said “I continue to believe that in two years, when the British population will have realised that the proponents of Brexit lied to them, they will change their point of view.”

As an aside, Ryanair is part of A4E, the organisation for European airlines, the reason for this meeting.

The colourful CEO added, “I think that they will want to go back on their decision. The advocates of Brexit lied to them saying: ‘We can leave the single market. Nothing much will change.’ Bloody stupidity. It damned well will change.”

After three days of debate devoted to studying 140 pages of amendments, British M.P. should today (Wednesday) adopt a bill after its first reading. This is actually the third debate on the issue.

Subject to approval by the House of Lords, this will give Theresa May the power to start the divorce proceedings with Europe.

This comes seven and a half months after the British voted overwhelmingly for Brexit.

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