Le Pen wishes to know “who is leaving France to buy weapons in Belgium”

Le Pen wishes to know “who is leaving France to buy weapons in Belgium”
Marine Le Pen perceives Belgium as a country where French terrorists source weapons.© Belga

The President of the National Front, Marine Le Pen, mentioned Belgium yesterday evening (Monday). This came during the televised debate, which brought the main presidential election candidates into conflict with each other.

It occurred in the section about how future terrorist attacks may possibly be prevented in France. Le Pen stated, when speaking upon this issue, “First we should take back control of our borders. I do not see how we can protect against the risk of terrorists if we do not know who is entering our country, or who is leaving to buy weapons in Belgium.”

Ms Le Pen advocates leaving the euro and the Schengen area. During the debate she made clear her wish to “ban Islamist organisations in France” and “deport foreign Islamists who pose a potential threat to state security.”

She recommends “the deprivation of French nationality for dual nationals found guilty of having links with Islamic fundamentalism.”

Ms Le Pen’s allusion to Belgium is a reference to the attacks carried out in Paris on 13th November 2015, which were largely organised from Belgium. The terrorists involved are thought to have been supplied with weapons in Brussels.

The MEP had also cited Belgium a few minutes previously during the part devoted to health, but there by way of example. Mentioning the case of autism, which is not a recognised condition in France, Ms Le Pen said that, in her view, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada were highlighting the French incompetence around the illness.

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