Tenth baby left in “baby cot” in Antwerp

Tenth baby left in “baby cot” in Antwerp
Deputy Burgomaster Duchateau has the role of baby Anna's guardian.© Belga

A newborn was left in the so-called “baby cot” owned by the charity Mothers for Mothers in Antwerp this winter. The Mediahuis publications are reporting today (Tuesday) that this is the tenth time such an event has occurred. The little girl is in good health and remains with a foster family.

Baby Anna was left in the baby cot this winter. However, at the request of the charity, and the Deputy Burgomaster for Social Affairs, Fons Duchateau (New Flemish Alliance), the media has held its tongue about the incident.

The baby had just been born when she was left in the cot made available to the public in Antwerp.

Katrien Beyers of Mothers for Mothers said, “As usually happens, the child was left in the drawer cot where we later discovered her.

She went on, “Mothers who leave their child there are also free to leave their identity card. This woman had not done so.”

As has been tradition, Deputy Burgomaster Duchateau is Anna’s guardian.

He said, “I am particularly pleased that Anna is well and has a good foster family to care for her. It goes without saying that I will continue to keep an eye on her well-being.”

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