BodyPump: a quick introduction to the ultimate workout

Refining your figure without bulking up thanks to the repetition of the movements, that's the promise of BodyPump.

BodyPump: a quick introduction to the ultimate workout

Discover in this article what makes the BodyPump class a firm favourite for Aspria members – and why you should try it too.

Strengthening muscles

If you want to combine cardio work with core strengthening in one comprehensive workout, the legendary BodyPump class, created by Les Mills in the 90s, is without question the way to go!

The BodyPump class was designed as a full body workout, choreographed to music. The series of intensive exercises builds and tones muscle mass, improves bone health, sculpts your figure in record time and includes cardio work to boost fitness.

The principle of this training programme is simple and effective: in a session of only 45 or 55 minutes, different muscle groups are targeted (buttocks, thighs, chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, abs) on specific choreographies following the tempo of the carefully chosen music.  A new edition is re-launched worldwide every three months, which is the time it takes for the body to respond to a programme.

"Rep Effect”

"The structure of the workout is always the same - it's important for the harmony of the body and the class," emphasises Caroline Lesecq, Studio Supervisor at Aspria, "and we work with light weights for increased muscle endurance in order to tone the body."

It is through its high number of repetitions (between 1000 and 1200 repetitions per class!) with light to medium weights that BodyPump offers a complete body workout. "The class works with the principle of ‘REP effect’, i.e. many repetitions, playing with the tempos of the music, to vary the efforts of the muscle. Repeating each movement many times with a reasonable weight tones the muscles without gaining volume", explains Caroline Lesecq.

Express efficiency

So there's no need to use heavy weights to slim down and burn calories! You will be able to see results by going to a BodyPump class twice a week for a month, and you can start with 1kg weights before gradually increasing the loads.

Just be prepared for the soreness after your first class as a beginner - you will certainly feel how effective the exercise is as your body will respond to that. "The first time you will be sore all over. This is normal! You should not be demotivated by the first aches and pains", warns Caroline Lesecq. As the sessions go by, any preconceived ideas and fears of doing an hour's class with a bar loaded with weights will vanish, helped by the motivating atmosphere of working out in a group, your increased stamina, and the sheer effectiveness of the class.

The 3 Aspria Clubs in Brussels offer BodyPump classes. Take a look at the current timetable of the respective clubs - there is a suitable course for every fitness level.

Brussels Avenue Louise Timetable

Brussels Arts-Loi Timetable

Brussels Royal La Rasante Timetable

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