Bright Expats and KBC Brussels to organise a series of conferences on the Belgian labour market

The city of Brussels is increasingly taking steps to become more entrepreneurial friendly. Some of the new federal measures include the elimination of social security payment for the hiring of the first employee, easier and more access to grants and funding for new start-ups, and the lowering of corporate taxes.

The strategic location of Brussels, a demographically diverse city close to other major western cities makes it an attractive location for product commercialization.

According to the latest study by The World Bank, Belgium lies 42 on a list of 190 countries easiness to start a new company. Regarding job and career opportunities, a recent BNP Paribas Fortis and ThinkYoung survey, revealed that 82 percent of the sampled young professionals had been able to advance their careers as a result of moving to Belgium, according to their own testimonals.

Bright Expats and KBC Brussels’ cycle of conferences are especially dedicated to the international community working, job searching or considering starting their own company in Belgium. The series of conferences will welcome established business owners, specialists and consultants to share their expertise on various legal and technical matters.

For instance, on the different statuses that exist for organisations and independents and outline their main advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, industry professionals from the banking and accounting sectors will be present to share their experience, and answer questions on how for example, they analyse business plans for those seeking loans and funding.

More detailed information about the events can be found on Bright Expats website.

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