Red Devils: Jason Denayer caught up in Brussels fight

Red Devils: Jason Denayer caught up in Brussels fight
Acting to protect his friend, Jason Denayer was caught up in a fight in Brussels at the weekend.© Belga

Red Devil, Jason Denayer, was involved in a fight last weekend in the centre of Brussels. A video of the incident is currently circulating on social media. The video shows the defender, aged 21, kicking a man.

In a communiqué published by his clubs directors, Denayer explained, “Of course, I very much regret having been caught up in a brawl in which I was not involved at the outset.”

Denayer stated, “I was heading for my car when I heard one of my friends shouting on the street. I ran back to the scene where I saw a man sitting on my friend and hitting him.”

He went on, “I saw my friend in danger and I had to intervene to protect him. I reacted on instinct. My only aim was to protect my friend.”

The sports consultancy firm protecting the player’s interests stresses that the video only lasts eight seconds.

It therefore only shows part of the series of events.

Jesse De Preter, the CEO of Atticus Sports Management said, “Jason explained in detail how events panned out, and there is no reason for us to doubt his intentions.”

He confirmed, “Jason was initially not involved in the fight. His reaction was to instinctively help his friend and stop the violent incident. It was therefore an instinctive form of protection in an emergency situation.”

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