Brussels residents complain about desecration of memorial for terrorism victims

Brussels residents complain about desecration of memorial for terrorism victims
Protesters standing on memorial on 3 June 2017.

Numerous residents living and working close to the Schuman roundabout, have taken offence to what they see as desecration of the memorial to the victims of the two terrorist attacks, that struck Brussels metro and airport in 22 March 2016. The memorial which stands by the esplanade next to the Schuman roundabout was completed on March 15 2017 by Belgian artist sculptor Jean-Henri Compere. The sculpture is called "Wounded But Still Standing in Front of the Inconceivable" and is constructed from two 20-metre (66 feet) long horizontal surfaces rising skywards.

Sculptor Jean-Henri Compere polishes the memorial. It was officially unveiled to the public at a commemoration ceremony on 22 March 2017.

When completed, Comperer said, "I want that the sculpture lives with the city, that it takes on its sheen, that it gets through the years, because time helps us build ourselves back up."

The Schuman roundabout is just in front of the European Commission and the European Council, and is the scene of weekly protests and demonstrations, from political groups and activists wishing to express themselves.


One witness who prefers to remain anonymous explains that “police obviously want to keep order during the demonstration, however it is extremely upsetting to see. The victims’ families should be incensed that this memorial is not respected anymore”, she adds that “all too often I see people desecrate the monument, often parents let their children climb up on it as if it is a playground”.


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