Brussels Beer Competition to take place in Turnhout this year

Brussels Beer Competition to take place in Turnhout this year
Credit: Facebook / Brussels Beer Project

The prestigious beer challenge is a Belgian tradition that will be returning to Brussels this year for its 12th edition. The contest will take place in Turnhout, Antwerp during the first week of November. The Brussels Beer Challenge will run over three days as beer connoisseurs taste different beers from all over the world.

The competition allows international brewers to gather and promote their beer, and aims to support Belgian beer culture and international brewers.

Taking place in different parts of Belgium every year, the challenge is judged by around 100 beer experts. The beers are divided into different categories, with the best ones winning a gold, silver or bronze medal that can be used as a quality labelling or marketing tool for the brewers. The beers are judged on a number of categories, including origin and style.

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At the event, brewers have a chance to grab international attention as their beers are tasted and judged. Last year's edition took place in Eupen for its 11th edition. The 85 jurors tasted 1,800 different beers from around the world over the three days.

Last year's competition found that Tripel beers remained popular among the jurors. When the competition was first held, there were 16 countries participating. Last year the competition had 41 countries including Cape Verde, Ukraine and the United States participating.

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