Human bone from a cemetery found on a track in Wichelen

Old human bones were found on a recently redeveloped track in the commune of Wichelen in Eastern Flanders. Commune authorities think they were put there on purpose, it was revealed on Friday.

Very old bones were found on a forest track in Serskamp, Wichelen, on Wednesday. It would appear that the gravel laid on the track came from building sites located on cemeteries. There will be a police inquiry and an internal commune inquiry. “The decision to reuse this material, based on where it came from, was a bad one”, commune authorities admitted. “All material from cemeteries has to be handled with the necessary care. We will make sure it doesn’t happen in the future”.

But the incident may not just be due to lack of care. The commune suspects that several people who were working for its technical service until recently may have wanted to highlight how the service is managed. It added the employees left because of conflicts.

The commune has reported the incident and hopes the inquiry will find out how it happened.

(Source: Belga)

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