Wallonia adopts plan against racism

Wallonia adopts plan against racism
Credit: Belga

The Walloon government on Thursday adopted an anti-racism plan for 2023-2026 that includes 38 measures concerning areas ranging from employment to housing.

One of the most significant measures in the plan, communicated on Friday by the office of Equal Opportunities Minister Christie Morreale (PS), is the organisation of “mystery checks” to detect discrimination in access to housing.

The Walloon government is also announcing future “situation tests” for recruitment, in which public service inspectors will pose as job applicants in order to expose potential discrimination.

To facilitate access to employment for people who do not speak French, Wallonia wants to allow more widespread use of foreign language tests to validate skills for jobs that do not require a command of French.

A regional anti-racism council is also to be created.

The Brussels government adopted its own 2023-26 anti-racism plan last December, and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation’s executive did the same last week.

Each administration will thus contribute to the Interfederal Plan against Racism, which is still under construction.

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