Weather: warm and sunny lull before the storm

Weather: warm and sunny lull before the storm
Credit: Belga

The Royal Meteorological Institute says that the weather will be generally sunny, dry and warm on Tuesday. Throughout the afternoon, banks of cloud will cross the country in west and north-western areas. Maximum temperatures will be between 25°C and 27°C at the coast and in the Ardennes, and up to 30°C, even perhaps 31°C, in the rest of the country. There will be low-to-moderate strength winds in the southern part of the country and at the coast. These will move towards the northern part of the country at the end of the afternoon.

On Tuesday evening, the risk of a few showers in the coastal region will intensify, culminating in a thunderstorm. Elsewhere, the weather will remain generally dry with significant clear spells in the centre and east of the country. During the night, thunderstorms may spread to the west and north-west of the country, with an increased risk of these in the centre of the country by the end of the night. Minimum temperatures will be between 17°C and 21°C, with low-to-moderate winds.

Moving to Wednesday, the weather will be variable with heavy rainfall, mainly in the afternoon, across the entire country, with maximum temperatures of around 25°C in the centre of the country.

Looking ahead, from Thursday to Sunday, the weather will be fresh, punctuated with rain, with maximum temperatures of 19°C in the centre of the country.

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