Unemployment rate in Brussels under 17% in August

Unemployment rate in Brussels under 17% in August
Brussels employment office Actiris. Credit: Belga© Belga

The rate of unemployment in the Brussels region reached 16.9% in August. This is according to figures published on Monday by Actiris. There were 94,046 looking for jobs, a decrease of 3,479 people, compared to the same period in 2016 (down 3.6%). The unemployment of youngsters has reached a rate of 23.6%. Brussels has 9,361 young jobseekers, or 779 less than last year (a reduction of 7.7%).

In August, the Brussels Regional Employment Office had 10,338 unemployed (7,643 continuing to “sign on” and 2,695 new cases signing on). This compared to 9,288 going back to work, or a monthly increase of unemployed jobseekers of 1,050 people (an increase of 1.1%).

During the course of the last month, Actiris received details of 16,126 job vacancies. The number of job vacancies relating to positions in the Brussels region was 5,320.

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