Sensitive arms exports from Wallonia under scrutiny

Sensitive arms exports from Wallonia under scrutiny

About 50 export files are currently being examined by the Walloon Minister-President, Willy Borsus (MR), his cabinet confirmed on Friday to Sudpresse. The files concerning exports of arms to countries requiring further analysis are actually on stand-by, including for example export to Saudi Arabia.

In 2015, a Saudi Arabian-led coalition, supported by the US, intervened in the civil war in Yemen and is launching air strikes which have resulted in the displacement of millions of people and a humanitarian crisis in the country.

"Ordinary files are regularly signed and 300 applications have already been initialed: export licenses, transit permits, temporary exports, for example, when an individual wants to have his weapons engraved abroad,” the spokesperson said.

"There is no question of freezing any files," she assured. "We have not yet signed off any of them, because before deciding on a case-by-case basis, Willy Borsus wants to clarify the global approach to arms export. Decisions will be taken shortly and enable us to quickly resolve any pending cases.”

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