FEB recommends the use of kilometre tax in place of vehicle taxes

FEB recommends the use of kilometre tax in place of vehicle taxes
Pieter Timmermans acknowledges the public split regarding the use of the kilometre tax or vehicle taxes, whilst himself favouring the kilometre tax.

Le Soir is reporting on Monday that Pieter Timmermans, the Managing Director of the Federation of Belgian Businesses (known as the “FEB”), is recommending that the kilometre tax be used in place of vehicle tax. The FEB is putting forward three measures to implement, without waiting for a response at government level to the transport problems in Belgium.

The so-called ‘Boss of Bosses’ says, “What is required is a tax on car use rather than actual ownership.” The kilometre tax could be adjusted according to journey time, location, and vehicle environmental performance. Moreover, an Ivox survey ordered by the FEB shows that the public is split on the issue. Some 40% of those questioned favour the kilometre tax and 52% are against. Equally 55% of workers are against and 52% of employers are in favour.

The FEB repeats being in favour of a transport budget, either replacing wholly or in part the company car system. That being said, Mr Timmermans states that the government’s “cash-for-car” scheme is currently meeting with "little enthusiasm.” The FEB says that “smart transport” also includes the potential for carrying out night deliveries using silent vehicles. The organisation says that both employers and workers are in favour of this.

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