”Freedom, freedom”, demand 200 Catalan Mayors in Brussels

”Freedom, freedom”, demand 200 Catalan Mayors in Brussels
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“Freedom, freedom” and President, President”, were the words that about 200 Catalan Mayors repeated in a gathering in Brussels Palais des Beaux Arts with former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, Tuesday evening. They had come to support the disposed President and to request that Catalan ministers be set free in Spain.


Carles Puigdemont arrived in Bozar at 17h30, supported by over 200 Catalan Mayors who had made the trip all the way from Spain. They had come to explain their position in favour of Catalan independence and to express their support for the deposed president and four other ministers who had joined him to Brussels.

By coming to Brussels, seat of the European Institutions, they said they also wished to express their pro-European standpoint.

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