A Moroccan University official, who came to Belgium to work with the ULB, is in a detention centre

On Saturday evening, RTBF revealed that the vice-President of a Moroccan University is in the Steenokkerzeel detention centre. It was also on the public news service’s website. The individual was arrested when he arrived at Charleroi Airport. The Foreign Office told RTBF that a Professor at the Mohammed First University, Abdelkader Hakkou, has been remanded in custody.

He was arrested at Charleroi Airport when he arrived in Belgium. Apparently, his papers were not in order. There is a refoulement procedure in place, but in all probability it won’t go through until the end of the weekend. If the Professor does not fulfil all the conditions for staying in Belgium, he will be sent back to Morocco.

One of the conditions is financing his stay in Belgium or proving he has enough cash to support himself, RTBF reports. He is heading to Brussels as part of a collaboration project with the ULB, l’Université Libre de Bruxelles. The ULB has said it will finance Abdelkader Hakkou’s stay itself. The Brussels University’s head of communication Nicolas Dassonville has said it has “chosen a lawyer to get him out of the detention centre as soon as possible”. 

(Source: Belga)

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