Francophone Socialist party proposes EU adopt a trillion-euro investment plan

Francophone Socialist party proposes EU adopt a trillion-euro investment plan

On Sunday, the francophone Socialist party (PS) adopted, during a conference in Brussels, the programme which its candidates will focus upon ahead of next year’s European elections. Defending a policy of investment and stimulation, the Socialists are in particular proposing that the European Union adopts a trillion-euro plan for climate, energy transition and employment, by involving local authorities and the private sector.

The party's President, Elio Di Rupo, confirmed this.

Such a plan will enable massive investment in the reduction of greenhouse gases, renewable energies, energy savings (including the insulation of buildings), transport solutions which respect the environment, worker training and the fight against inequalities.

As regards the institutional framework, Mr Di Rupo argues for moving forward as a “concentric European Union” including at its core the eurozone (the 19 countries at the centre of the 27). Concerned to confer more weight on Parliament compared to the European Commission and the European Council, the PS also wishes to give the European Parliament the right of initiative.

Moreover, after the Walloon revolt around CETA (the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada), the PS continues to argue for a “harsher” Europe with respect for environmental standards and social, sanitary and food standards.

Socialists are making the implementation of a common and “interdependent” migration policy a priority. Mr Di Rupo confirmed that “erecting walls or fences, topped with razor wire, will not enable us to respond to the challenge of migration.” He criticised “criminalising migrants.”

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