Tipping Uber drivers possible using application

Belgium’s Uber users can now tip their driver, via the Uber application, when they are particularly satisfied with the service they receive. The taxi platform announced this on Thursday. Tips will be paid in full to drivers, who themselves have been particularly demanding this option. Uber assured drivers and users, in making this announcement, that it will not take any commission from this amount. The feature will also be available for the application Uber Eats.

At the end of each journey, the user will be able to choose between several standard amounts (being one, two or five euro), or alternatively they will be able to stipulate a amount of their own choosing. This approach is possible using the application, and up to five days after the journey. There will be no surcharge charged to the user for the tip, and the driver will receive the total amount including the tip in the price of the journey.

Since last November, Uber has been committed to a process of simplification and improvement of the experience for Belgian drivers. The platform has thus already added a number of new features such as compensation per minute spent waiting for a user when there has been an initial two-minute cancellation period, and a warning when the journey is estimated at 45 minutes or more. There is even a chat feature within the application, which enables more fluid coordination and communication between the driver and the user.

There are other changes anticipated to the system during the coming months.

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